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Commercial Radio Systems, LLC is a SCADA network and communications integrator; designing, integrating, and maintaining complete systems that network, connect, and continuously power your field SCADA operations. Our turn-key capabilities offer system design, path studies, installation, and commissioning to take your SCADA project from idea to field operation.

We recognize that an effective SCADA system relies on a robust field communications network for data acquisition, data presentation, and control. Here are few of the solutions we can offer.

SCADA Radios

We offer a selection of the best licensed and unlicensed SCADA Data Radios available. We have deployed thousands of radios and have extensive knowledge on which radios provide the best value, reliability, and ease of use for your applications. We have many Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions available and listed a few of our favorites in the Data Radio Products section of our website.

SCADA Cellular

We sell, develop and deploy a range of cellular solutions to meet your SCADA needs, from a single modem connected to a RTU to full function cellular routers with unbreakable simultaneous multi-network connectivity. Explore more of our cellular capabilities at our Cellular Products page.

SCADA Satellites

Our Satellite solutions provide SCADA reliable affordable access to your field locations regardless of how remote or isolated they may be. Learn more about our VSAT and BGAN options on the Satellite page.

SCADA Data Service Provider

We provide flexible affordable Data Packages with no annual contracts for both cellular and satellite services on the most reliable carriers. In addition, we offer data & device monitoring for your peace of mind. See the options and services on our Wireless Data Services page. 

SCADA Sensors, Analog & Digital Input and output, and RTU’s

We design and integrate I/O and Control solutions that solve problems and reliably gives SCADA personnel and operators the data they need whether across the pad, town, state, or country. Explore our options on our I/O & Control Products page 

Edge Computing for SCADA

Free up bandwidth and run SCADA applications reliably at the edge and on any network architecture with low-power, Class 1 Division 2 Edge Computers loaded with computing resources and a Linux Application Environment.

Complete SCADA Solar Packages

Solar power is a reliable, low maintenance power solution field SCADA applications in remote areas. We size your system correctly for optimal year-round performance based on the site’s specific solar geospatial data and actual real world load & autonomy needs 

SCADA UPS Systems for Uninterrupted Power in the Field

Our backup power systems provide continuous reliable battery power for critical SCADA field electronics. When utility power is interrupted, spikes, or fails, your equipment is protected from shutting down or sustaining damage, and will continue to operate according to a predetermined protocol maximizing uptime.

SCADA Communications Design & Path Analysis

When you work with Commercial Radio Systems, you can expect to receive a holistic system design utilizing all necessary technologies and platforms. We’ve built our reputation on the back of the countless studies, analyses, and designs we’ve performed to deliver complete SCADA communications and network solutions to customers. Take a look at our Wireless Communications services page to see all that is available.

Integrated Field SCADA Enclosures & Panel Assembly

Our in-house panel fabrication and enclosure integration provide unmatched quality control and consistency. This ensures efficient operations, decreased lead times, and quicker installations of your SCADA systems in the field. 

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