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Our extensive array of services pairs perfectly with our expertise to deliver streamlined, single-source experiences for our customers. Commercial Radio Systems is comprised of designers, technicians, experts, laborers, thought leaders, safety advocates, visionaries, and perfectionists. Whether you’re in need of wireless data communications, power systems, integrated panel assembly, automation, field services, data service plans, or turnkey systems, our services are guaranteed to save you time, frustration, and money while delivering an enhanced project experience.

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Wireless Communications

We specialize in the entire toolbox: Cellular, VSAT satellite, and radio wireless network solutions.

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Power Systems

We build and install reliable solar and UPS power systems, sized for your specific application and geographic location.


Affordable, all-in-one HMI & PLCs for local control and monitoring of your systems in the field.

Field Services

Sales and Service

We offer direct over the counter sales and service at our warehouse in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Integrated Systems & Panel Assembly

Our in-house assembly and panel construction offer unmatched quality control, and well-laid out designs for simplified operations in the field. We can provide integrated power,  communication, and PLC solutions built to work together to reduce maintenance and increase reliability.

Turnkey Solutions

Design, fabrication, programing, field installation, and commissioning are handled in-house, allowing us to deliver to you a reliable turnkey solution.

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Wireless Data Services

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